Vision for LDP Service Weekend – By Andrew Paxton

      One thing that we like to do in the LDP is give back. In past events, we’ve done things
for the science center, tree planting, Varsity theatre, etc. We do these events, not simply because we like them, but because once we’re finally done with a project, we can turn around and say “wow, we did a good thing”. We also do these projects, because they are a way for us to stay well rounded, and a way for us to further our connection as a team.

On the weekend of November 4th, the LDP team will go out to the community and apply their developing skills in the real world. Half of the team, led by Gannon Druessel, will head to the Women’s Center, which provides a safe environment and additional services for victims of domestic abuse. The other half, led by myself will go out to the Touch of Nature Environmental Center, which seeks to promote environmental education through many different year-round events, such as trail maintenance. One of our goals for this project is to achieve inclusivity through accessibility. By including everyone and making these new additions available to everyone. These key places about Southern Illinois provide education, recreation, and shelter to a wide range of people in the Southern IL area. Being one of our core values, we strive to make a safe place where everyone can have peace of mind. With hard work, we will be able to make these places accommodating for all. If we can help these establishments be something that the Carbondale community can be proud of, we will know that our job is done.