To Inspire Change, Dream!

By: Diogo Alberto Seixas

     My story began in 2014 when I first joined the Leadership Development Program. The LDP brought a change to my environment, my friends and most of all to myself. After going back to Brazil in 2016, we started Journey Movement, a company who believes in leaders who transform dreams into reality. Through leadership workshops, speeches, and teachings on the practices, values and behaviors of leaders, the company has impacted almost four thousand people in Brazil and the US.

     Last year was one of the most decisive years for me, when Dr. DeRuntz invited me to come back and help him with the LDP’s expansion into other S.T.E.M. fields. I had to make a big decision and choose LDP or Journey Movement. After reflection I realized that it wasn’t a decision between one or the another, it was a decision about how I am going to manage my time between both. It was in this moment that I realized one very important thing. Your dreams, goals and objectives should be on your mind when making major decisions.

When looking at your future, is the decision you are making today contributing to a happier and more fulfilled life? If the answer is yes, you will find the motivation to do it.

Since stepping into this new role with the LDP, it’s been a challenge to keep the company running in Brazil. Luckily, I have two very incredible friends that have helped me to balance the workload well. That’s when I remembered that life gets easier when you have amazing people around you. That’s how you lead successful organizations, by having extraordinary people on the same boat, with you.

When you realize that you are not alone, you find the power to support the big dreams you have. The beautiful thing is that this is a cycle. You dream, meet others with big dreams and support each other, both dreams come true and you inspire other people to dream as well. Guess what happens after? The cycle restarts. That’s what Dr. DeRuntz and I do all the time. I have a dream. He has a dream. We’ve found a way to combine our dreams and help other people to do the same.

That’s how I inspire change wherever I am. If we can help people to dream, we can create a culture of believing that dreams come true and life is more than you think it is. But you can only do this by pursuing your own, being an example and finding incredible people to help you. That’s how we create a better world.

So, tell me, what is your dream?