The Recruitment Brunch – By Lincoln Kinley


          Every year, LDP has the opportunity to meet with our sponsors for brunch so they can recruit great future leaders for their company and we can land internships and careers with them. It’s important for us LDP members to know who is supporting us, and it’s great for the sponsors to meet all the new members of LDP who are looking for unique opportunities in the future.This year the brunch focused on members of the LDP getting one on one time with our sponsors.

I got the opportunity to sit down with Mary Kellerman and Jeff Dahlquist from Magna Exteriors, along with Patrick Dean from ATS.

          The Recruitment Brunch is important to LDP because many great opportunities grow out of our sponsors. Members of LDP are looking for excellent employers who are willing to help us grow and develop as leaders. Our sponsors provide that by offering many different LDP members mentoring opportunities, internships, and career offers before we graduate. It is truly an honor to have our sponsors come all the way to Carbondale to meet with us.

          For me, the Recruitment Brunch was a special project we did this year, because I was the leader for the Recruitment Brunch last year. I made many mistakes in my planning, but I made sure we learned from them. Last year, talking with our sponsors was a free for all. Each of our sponsors wound up being surrounded by three or four LDP members, with many different discussions going on. This year, the Brunch was more streamlined, and ran much better than it did last year. Faisal Alsuwailem, a first year LDP member, did an excellent job planning this event. In addition, many thanks to all of our gracious sponsors. Without you, LDP would be only a fraction of what it is now.