The BIG Event By Connor Eigelburger

—–The Big Event is known as one of the largest student led service projects in the nation. When the LDP presented me the chance to be a site leader, I was a bit worried as I’ve never led a project of this magnitude, but looking back I would not have changed a thing. I was able to lead two groups through two four-hour sessions of volunteering, and I enjoyed every minute of it.                                                        The first task I was given was to repaint the interior of the Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale. As simple as it sounds, I quickly found that it was far too big a task for less than 20 volunteers to complete in three hours. That didn’t discourage us at all– we completed the restoring of the basement of the building, started on the foyer, and painted the doors in the first story. We didn’t quite finish, but it was still a proud moment for the volunteers to look back at the progress we had made. The atmosphere of the building was changed entirely with the bright coat of paint we added. Due to the rigid schedule of the Big Event, we couldn’t stay late to finish the task, but it will be nice in the future to finish the job on our own.                      —–The second project I led was with St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Of all the things college has taught me, I must say I never thought crocheting would be one of them. Nonetheless the wonderful ladies of St. Andrew’s church meet every Tuesday and recycle plastic bags to create sleeping mats for the homeless and they welcomed us in to help. Believe it or not, 20 college kids actually enjoyed learning to crochet. We had an elaborate assembly line of cutting bags to create balls of “yarn” to crocheting. As if learning this new skill wasn’t enough, we were helping the homeless and getting rid of unneeded plastic bags. We were helping the world be a little greener while helping others, and there is no other way I would have wanted my first project to go.