Teamwork: The Difference Between Success and Failure


Madison Wilderman

Teamwork helped me graduate from my community college. I know that sounds like a bold statement, but it is true. Part of my general requirements for an Associate Degree was taking a physics course on electromagnetism. At the time, it was the hardest content I had ever seen, and other students in the class agreed. Luckily everyone in the class was friendly and we all got along well. Our teacher assigned us a take-home portion of the final, and we all knew that was our chance to succeed. This take-home portion was extremely difficult, so we all decided to meet up and work on it together. Though it took over 7 hours, we got it done and learned a little bit more about the subject while doing it. Reviewing that take-home portion with the rest of the class helped to better prepare us for the final the following week. I give all credit to my classmates for helping me fully understand electromagnetism and passing the class, because I know that if it was not for teamwork, I would have gotten a lower grade.

Nelson Fernandes

Last January, I led an LDP team to paint the Carbondale Science Center. It was a daunting task. However, because of detailed planning and encouraging my team to go above and beyond, we achieved our goal. Painting those walls was a long and tiring process. Everyone had a positive mindset, however, and we had fun while working. Time flew by as we progressed step by step. With every problem we encountered, I took a step back and utilized my team to help solve the problem. We all worked hard and helped one another, which eliminated any stress and sped up the completion of the task. This once-daunting project turned into an awesome experience where strong teamwork accomplished the most incredible tasks.


Last February, I joined a three-week basketball tournament with a group of friends. Basketball is a team sport, as anyone with knowledge of the game will tell you. Unfortunately, our team did not practice before the tournament began. We were winning games, but we had poor teamwork. The results do not always reflect the journey made. Once we faced a difficult team, our isolation play style exposed our faults, and we fell apart. Having reflected on what we did wrong, I realize that building a stronger team-based offense would have helped us utilize everyone’s strengths and lead to success, as compared to just one player dictating the offense. This made me realize how teamwork would have made for dream work.

Joao Vitor Bacco Facciotti

I work in the STEM Education Center at the SIU campus, and I was tasked with updating our website. It was a simple task that only required me to upload a few videos, update the “events” sidebar, and update the “staff” page on the website. At first, I thought that the task would be very simple and not take me long to finish, so I decided that I didn’t need to rely on my coworkers- that I could do everything by myself. Sadly, that didn’t happen. As I started doing the task, I noticed that there were many details that I had overlooked. This includes many questions that I did not know the answer to. The problems created by my lack of teamwork could easily have been fixed if I had just relied on my team earlier.