Teamwork – By Nathaniel Lightle

          One of the biggest lessons people take away from the LDP is the importance of teamwork.  A lot of us have been on teams for a long time, whether from sports, volunteering, or other organizations.  However, none of these instances teaches teamwork in the aspect that the LDP does, as it will be in the real world.  In the LDP it is up to us to utilize our team; Dr. DeRuntz has told us countless times not be afraid to ask each other for help and look out for one another.

Spring Big Event Service Project

           I know from my experience in the LDP that we all actively look to help each other out. For example, last year during the spring semester I was coordinating our tree planting project for the Big Event. I was a week away from show time, and I had 60 excited SIU students signed up to plant trees with us, had all the trees. I was just missing one item: shovels. These were paramount to planting trees, of course, so I was getting worried once SIU grounds said they could not provide them, so I reached out to my team for help.  Within a day Olivia said she could get a bunch from her grandpa and Dr. DeRuntz found all the shovels we needed at the SIU Farms. Without my team in this situation, my best bet would have been buying a pack of spoons and telling the volunteers they were going to be putting in a lot of work if they wanted to actually plant anything. I was and still am grateful for that. It turned my project from a potential flop into a success as we had roughly 50 people show up to help out that day and none of them left without being part of planting some trees and digging some holes.

           Teamwork is a matter of trust. In order to help someone when you know you are overwhelmingly busy, you have to trust them that they truly need your help, and that if the roles were reversed they would do the same for you. The LDP forges that into its members since we all know we are busy and have commitments to other organizations and coursework yet we all can come together to help each other through.

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