Tacos and Smoothies


On Sunday, November 8, the LDP held a taco and smoothie social event hosted at Dr. DeRuntz’s house. This event brought the team together as David and Roberto demonstrated their culture by showing their teammates how to make authentic salsa and tacos, along with playing authentic Mexican music. Not only did the team eat well, but they also received proper vitamins and nutrients in Sheldon’s homemade fruit smoothies. Since this is a staple in Sheldon’s lifestyle, it was nice of him to show the rest of the team how to make an easy, delicious, but most importantly, healthy food choice in our lives.

This event wasn’t just about the tacos and smoothies, it’s about the team. To have a great team, you have to have a great connection. To have a great connection, you have to develop a relationship within the team. These social events are an excellent approach in building the relationships needed to have a great team.