Success is a Team Effort

“We are a service organization that develops leaders and impacts our community.” If you visit the LDP webpage this quote will be the very first thing you see. This quote reflects our commitment to developing future leaders, as well as using this leadership to create positive impacts in our community. Being able to lead the SIU Blood Drive project has given me the chance to do just that, help people in need while also practicing the skills I have learned in the LDP.  

When I first heard that I would lead the Blood Drive I was a little worried. “This was my first time leading a big project. How can I reach the LDP’s standard of excellence?” My team noticed my apprehensiveness and began to encourage me. I asked for new ways to gather signatures for the Blood Drive and they delivered. We had multiple team members step up to create signature sheets and others that took responsibility for organizing several tables throughout the week to collect the signatures. This amount of support helped me to move past my fears and lead my team in this project. With the amazing support of my teammates, not only were we able to achieve our final goal, but we surpassed it. We enlisted 180 people to donate blood-saving up to a total of 540 lives in the process.

Leading the SIU Blood Drive challenged me to put into practice all that I have learned this last semester in the LDP. It also showed me the areas that I still need to work on, areas like inspiring other and creating a better organization system for the team uses. Throughout this project, I was able to become more comfortable with leading others. I typically enjoy the role of following and supporting my team, but now, I am learning how to lead.