Leadership: Strength in Numbers

By Olivia Hood

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” – Amy Poehler

   Before joining the LDP, I was an extremely independent person in every aspect of my life, especially when I was chosen to lead a project or group. This made learning to lean on your team one of my hardest lessons since entering the LDP. After being immersed into a group that was so goal-orientated, efficient, and inspiring this change began to happen quickly.

As the leader of the MLK Day project at the Carbondale Science Center, leaning on my team was the biggest key factor in order to accomplish our goal. We had four different projects going on at the Science Center that all needed to be accomplished to our standard of excellence in a single day. After finding out the amount of things that had to be done, I decided to designate four subleaders to run each smaller project. Leading four subleaders was a very beneficial experience in order to apply all of the skills I have been learning. Not only was I leading and motivating a group of 37 people, but I was also coaching four incredible leaders in expanding and strengthening their own abilities. Designating subleaders not only helped me ensure that everything was done to excellence, but also helped the rest of our team have guidance through every step of the day.

In reflection, I could not have led this whole project without my four teammates helping guide our team and solve problems throughout the day. Amy Poehler was right when she said a good group will change your life, because I know that LDP as a whole organization has transformed me into a better person and I can actively see that change helping others.