Starting a Leadership Movement in Brazil By Bruce DeRuntz

——–In 2015, a small group of five Brazilians joined the LDP for the one year they studied abroad in the US. Inspired by how learning leadership changed their life that year and by the mission of the LDP, they returned to start two leadership companies–Journey and Institute of Education by Experience and Practice (IEEP).          I was honored to be asked to present at their first Leadership Experience Day last year before an audience of 200. You cannot imagine my delight this year when I learned that Nick had organized three engagements and grew the largest audience to over 500.The most significant observation I saw was the unquenchable thirst for leadership training that Nick and Diogo’s companies have generated for the country of Brazil. Both of their companies are going strong and reaching an expanding audience.                                                                                         ——Every week, the LDP recites its commitment to challenge ourselves to change the world. I never imagined that I would see such tangible results so quickly. My heart bursts with joy and gratitude for the great work all the Brazilians have done and I’m confident that with dedication and hard work, they will have a major impact in making Brazil the great country you imagine.