Spotlight on Summer Activities – Lincoln Kinley

     My name is Lincoln Kinley. This is my second year in LDP, and third year at SIUC in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program. Over the summer I worked in Bensenville Illinois, at a company called Product Safety Consulting Inc (PSC).

     PSC is a safety testing lab that assists other companies across the globe with getting their products approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) such as Underwriter Laboratories. Many companies do not have a compliance engineering department and small companies cannot afford a full-time compliance engineer.

     On top of this, most NRTLs have a backlog of testing so to send them a failed product wastes time and money that can add up quickly. To overcome these issues, many different companies outsource their compliance to PSC. During my time at PSC, I worked as both a technician and a compliance engineer. I ran various tests on a multitude of different products. In addition to testing, I also did a product analysis on a few different products. Product analysis includes going line by line through the set of standards used by a NRTL when they are testing the product. While going through the standards, I would decide if the product passed, failed, or needed additional testing to verify.

     PSC proved to be a very valuable learning experience, and a great personal development experience. I would like to thank John Allen, the president of Product Safety Consulting Inc. for giving me the wonderful opportunity, and all my coworkers for helping me be the best that I could be.