RSO Fair – by Diogo Seixas

         In the past week, the members from the Leadership Development Program were present in the Registered Student Organization (RSO) fairs from different colleges in the university. It was a fantastic opportunity to show the students and staff what the program has been doing for the last year, practicing leadership skills, as well as being a great chance to recruit new members.

Diogo at the CASA RSO Fair

           To be a good leader you must know how to communicate well. That means you must know what your message is; know how to be emphatic with the audience, and know how to use your body language. Going further, you can know these skills but if you don’t go out there and practice them you will never become a good communicator. Being in the RSO fair was an opportunity to put our members out of their comfort zones and practice communication. Social conversations are something that you learn how to do by practice; the more you practice the better you become.

Also, the RSO fair was a moment for the members to explain what the LDP is about. It was a moment of self-reflection trying to understand and put into words “What is the LDP and what it means to me?”. The idea was to talk beyond what we do, to talk about each others experiences and how the program has helped us become better leaders.

The team was present in four RSO fairs throughout the STEM colleges, reaching almost 50 interested people. It was a good moment to bond as a team, practice leadership, and get to know different people. Taking this challenge made us become better leaders, better people, and in consequence, a better organization.

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