Reflecting on Spring Orientation

By Samuel Ramirez

It is not uncommon for us to go throughout our daily lives and hear stories of privileged millennials who lack work ethic and basic communications skills. It comes from all areas, including industry, the retired sector, and even sometimes from our peers. This sad fact undermines an entire generation, but it does not give the whole story. This last weekend, a group of more than 50 students from both SIU and various community colleges joined together to explore leadership at the Leadership Development Program’s Spring Orientation (SO).

This was a two-day event that gave an overview of the program and allowed for all of the new members to get a feeling for leadership. For some, this was their first experience in such an area. As you can imagine, meeting a group of 50 people you don’t know is a bit nerve racking, Add on the task of being asked to step out of your comfort zone by leading activities with these people? Now that is a challenge!

This weekend, the members of the LDP taught the new recruits how leading can be broken down into a system that is applicable anywhere. By using a system called the “SOLVE” method, many of the new recruits were able to lead a team in completing a challenge through the Touch of Natures team course.

Working in teams is never easy, but these college students made it look like a breeze! They were committed to challenging themselves to be better leaders. Our second motto in the LDP is “Challenge yourself, change the world.” While there may be some jokes going around about our generation, there are still many young people who want to equip themselves with everything they need to be the change they want to see in this world!