Pushing for Success

Madeleine Meyer

“I pledge to support my fellow LDP members, hold them accountable to our shared values, and challenge them to push beyond their limits.” We recite our pledge every week, and I can say with honesty that my team holds true to these words. In my short time at SIU, I have been able to accomplish everything I have put my mind to because of the support from my LDP team. No matter how much I am struggling in my classes or how overwhelming my jam-packed schedule is, there’s sure to be a push from my team telling me that I can do it AND that I can do it better.

As an Automotive Technology student, it is important to set yourself apart because job hunting is highly competitive in our industry. While LDP certainly sets me apart from other students, I wanted to do more to show my passion for my fellow classmates and the industry. This caused me to become what I like to call “involvement crazy.” In addition to the LDP, I work as a digital marketing specialist for the automotive department, am a co-chair of the Women in Automotive Transportation Technology RSO, media manager for the Automotive Technology Organization RSO, and a member of Automotive Ambassadors. While the work load is heavy, it is easier to meet and exceed my goals with the support of my team and friends; and with that support, I was awarded the L.D. Willey Outstanding Student Award. This award is given out to one automotive student “based upon attitude toward work, ability to work well with peers, motivation to achieve, enthusiasm to learn, class attendance, and GPA.” I am incredibly thankful for the Leadership Development Program for influencing my life with such positivity so that I can have the same impact on the Automotive Technology Department.