PUKA Project By Gannon Druessel

—–The LDP team had an amazing weekend packed full of volunteering. While half of our team was at the Big Event volunteering, the other half had an extraordinary opportunity to finish our project at PUKA daycare center. They needed help with the restoration of a roof on a storage shed near their playground. PUKA uses this shed to make sure the kids can have a place to keep all of their toys safe from any harsh weather. Although it was 6 A.M., cold, snowy, and windy, we used each other as a team to stay motivated. This volunteering event was also a great time with everyone finding a way to have fun with each other while building the roof.

     The team participation in this service project was above and beyond what was expected. Everyone was ecstatic to help out the local community no matter the conditions. Even when people weren’t needed for the major task at hand, they were looking for any way to organize or clean other parts of the school without being asked. We were so energetic and efficient that we finished nearly three hours ahead of schedule. While it was hard work, utilizing all of the teams’ range of skills made this project run efficiently. One of the main things that I learned from this project was that if you have an excellent team with disciplined members, leading a project is made much easier. When I am not the leader of a project, I will strive to be as great as members were for the PUKA project.