Exchange Present Dedication for a Brilliant Future

By Diogo Seixas

Isn’t it funny to think of the present like currency?  

We dedicate moments from our present in order to be able to enjoy a brilliant future.  

Short and simple. 

The quote itself doesn’t need much explanation however, a very important statement lies behind it: the power to become whatever we want to be is in our own hands.  So often, you are in this denial that you can’t become this or that but, the whole time you are only denying your own amazing future. Every time you tell yourself that you can’t, you are limiting your own power! 

In result, you end up exchanging very few dedicated moments from your present life for only the rare possibility of a brilliant future.  Maybe that happens because we always want something very intangible and  unattainable. Maybe it happens because there are other limiting factors that don’t  allow us to have the attitude of “I think I can”. However, I believe that understanding the  motives of why we think like this is not the most important factor that will make the  biggest impact on your future. 

To break this cycle, the secret is to think of ourselves like a sculpture. 

Your future is like a big wood block, massive and solid. From this moment on, you are an artist and your only tool is a chisel. Your job is to shape that piece of wood every day, little by little. It won’t be easy and will take a long time, but the more time you spend shaping it, the more beautiful and fascinating it will become. The key to making this masterpiece is patience in your work and your choices. 

Working on your future won’t always be easy or fun because things that matter in life are usually hard to get. Think about the time you invested in carving your block, is it the same amount of time that you spend making choices about your future? It doesn’t matter where you start, what matters is the work and time you put into creating your own brilliant future.  

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want the final result of your sculpture to look like. You may start carving a duck and, in the end, create a beautiful eagle. The important thing is to begin carving the block of wood to start the process of making something beautiful. 

What matters most are the choices you make in life. Every choice you make will lead  you to a positive or negative experience, which will also lead you to life lessons. The person you will become is a direct consequence of the experiences you have lived. The more experiences you have, the more beautiful your sculpture will be.  

Therefore, only when you dedicate moments from your present life will you have the  chance of a brilliant future. As soon as you begin to carve your block of wood that is your life, the beauty will begin  to shine through your piece of art.