Pi Day By Andrew Paxton

 —–Any student in a STEM major will be familiar with a certain mathematical constant; it is used extensively when working with circles and is known as the ratio between circumference and diameter. Of course, this constant has the name pi. This number is irrational, which means that the decimal digits go on forever. Traditionally, the LDP Pi Day was a challenge that tasked students of SIU to attempt reciting as many digits of pi from memory as they could. Some may say that memorizing countless digits of an endless number is a useless talent, but the meaning lies beneath the face value. This year, the event has been expanded to not only challenge students to memorize pi, but it will be a true celebration of the importance of mathematics in our everyday life. We will strive to look at not just what mathematics is, but also what it means in the real world.                                  —–On April 6, students from SIU along with kids from middle and high schools in the community, will join the LDP to celebrate pi at the College of Engineering. Many will compete for prizes or simply enjoy the activities and games provided by the SIU Math Club. With these fun and interactive demonstrations, students will be able to see many applications of mathematical concepts. We have the pleasure of providing these students with pizza and desserts kindly provided by Carbondale’s Pagliai’s Pizza.                            —–                                                                      —–Competitors will be rewarded with their own commemorative t-shirt, graciously donated by the SIU Stem Education Research Center. As a math major, I am grateful to have been picked as the leader of a project that celebrates my field of study, and I believe this project will be able to show students the true value of mathematics in our society.