Pancake Breakfast By– Nate Lightle

       At the end of last school year, Dr. Spector announced she would be retiring after a successful career of changing the lives of countless Engineering students.  One of the most memorable ways she helped her students succeed was her Pancake Breakfasts before each exam.  The Sunday before an exam she would invite the whole class to come to the Necker’s study area to study the exam while she made us pancakes.  I always appreciated her doing this and was amazed by her ability to run the entire process of taking orders, making pancakes, and answering questions at the same time.  Dr. Spector inspired me to continue this practice for finals week.

       The Pancake Breakfast was a great success and an even better time to organize and host. We had the Engineering Alumni Lounge full of students taking various math classes studying for the finals with the help of some delicious pancakes and some dedicated staff members and Math Club members answering their questions.  During the duration of the five hour event there was never a moment when the people were not either working hard studying for their finals or enjoying some delicious chocolate chip pancakes.  The impact of this event will be immeasurable as it continues to grow in size throughout the years.  We had the honor of having our Chancellor stop by to see what we were doing, and he was impressed by the amount of dedication that everyone helping with the event had shown to help the student body succeed heading into finals week.  I am happy to be handing this semesters Pancake Breakfast off to my mentee Venkat.  We already have an inspiring vision for where we plan to take the event in years to come with the support of such important people at SIU such as the Chancellor and Dr. Spector.
Nate Lightle and Dr. Spector
Thanks to the help of the Math club it made this years pancake breakfast a breeze. The Chancellor even stopped by to see how it was going.