New Member Bio By Connor Eigelberger

     My name is Connor Eigelberger. I am a Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering and looking forward to becoming a leader in the industry. I’ve always known I wanted to be an engineer but have struggled to narrow down which discipline I wanted to specialize in. Knowing this, I based my college selection process on my other passion, the great outdoors. SIU has it all for me, with so many trails and lakes I’ll likely never visit them all. Being that it was only two hours from my hometown of Fenton, MO, meant I could get a great education, explore all I wanted, and continue to keep family close.

     Once at SIU, I spent my first year figuring out college life and getting every bit of information I could on all the disciplines of engineering. Upon talking to many of the engineers closest to me, I decided mechanical left me the most choices while I narrowed things down even further. I look to further my creativity here with getting a minor in math, and my master’s degree in another engineering specialty. Through all my soul searching, my journey has come down to combining my passions of engineering and the outdoors. Whether that be making more efficient products or simply designing objects to help us better experience the sights and sounds off the beaten path. Along this journey of seeking insight as to what best suits me, I came upon the LDP.                                                                                    In high school, I was a leader of my class and in many ways a leader of the overall school. This was the case in academics, varsity sports I played on, or the clubs I participated in. But I had yet to find that in college, nor had I had any real leadership training. I joined the program looking for these opportunities and hoping to grow as a result. But I found much more. I found a group of people all as driven as me and all willing to help each other for the greater good of the group. There’s no doubt I’ll grow my leadership abilities and prosper because of this team. I can’t wait to see how my strengths and weaknesses change, and how I identify my other passions as a part of this program.

Connor Eigelberger and Suddarsun Shivakumar