Nascote Industries Tour – By Joe Loftus

       Earlier this fall, LDP members took advantage of an opportunity set forth by Nascote to tour their automotive parts manufacturing facility. In Nashville, IL we met with Nascote’s HR representative, Jeff Dahlquist who informed us of both the technical side of manufacturing automotive parts as well as the company’s history, goals, vision, and values. I was amazed at the degree of professionalism and hospitality that Mr. Dahlquist and his team had demonstrated during the initial meeting. That goes to show how they want to treat people as the choice corporation providing innovative products as well as being an ethical and responsible corporate citizen.

      From an engineering standpoint, I was fascinated by their use of both old machinery and new automated technology.The most notable piece of old machinery was a hydraulic press that was purchased in a dilapidated state from the other side of the world before being refurbished by Nascote employees. They took what was initially considered a piece of scrap and rebuilt it to be a highly functioning part of their manufacturing process. New technology, on the other hand, consisted of a fully automated assembly line whose purpose was to reduce the need for repetitive manual labor. With this cost-effective blend of old and new technology, it is no wonder that Nascote has received a plethora of awards in manufacturing excellence.

      Nascotes’s environmental efforts demonstrate yet another instance of a heavy emphasis on quality and efficiency. To reduce paint waste and excess fumes, Nascote has implemented technology which uses static charging to attract airborne paint particles to the components being sprayed, thus reducing overspray. Nascote also contracts with other companies to recycle paint sludge into other useable products. When considering how they value being ethical and responsible, these efforts truly highlight that their company actions reflect the corporate goals.

      From the Nascote factory tour, I gained some insight and I learned what an engineering career in manufacturing looks like. I was fortune enough to network and share experiences with many business professionals while members of my team also benefitted from this. The team truly enjoyed meeting the Nascote team and seeing the innovation they employ in their manufacturing.

L to R: Robert M., Olivia T., Faisal A., Dr. DeRuntz, Madeleine M., Joe L., Sudd S., Scott C.