Mentor Match Event

mentor match

In order improve our development we need the help of talented professionals. We look up to those men and women who challenge and guide us in our pursuit of self-improvement. We found those professionals among our sponsors. This event is where a member of the LDP matched up with a professional to have as their mentor. The event took place on September 26th in the College of Engineering as a key part of our tailgate event. Throughout this event the LDP members were able to network and develop their professional communication skills. The goal of this event is to create mentor groups for each LDP team member, so that they have someone to contact when they need help with advice throughout the year.  During the mentor introductions the LDP members absorbed all the details the mentors shared. The LDP members armed with their new impressions were then given the opportunity to mingle with the mentors. The LDP members immediately engaged the mentors and started creating meaningful conversations with the professionals in front of them. Each round was comprised of a mentor and mentee engaging in professional conversation. As the conversations progressed the mentors and mentees adapted to the event environment. As the event ended the LDP members went from unsure of what to say, to new conversation leaders.