Martin Luther King Day Service Project By–Robbie Lozar-McDonald

        The MLK service project was a project that hit home for me. The last week of summer vacation, the LDP people came back early for Team Week and enjoyed multiple days of physically and mentally draining tasks. At the end of the week we spent two days at the Science Center and worked hard to better our community. The MLK project really touches home for me especially because during our service project at the Science Center during Team Week, I had a sense of lack-luster. I was tired both physically and mentally and allowed it to show. After that had happened, I was determined to get another shot at the Science Center, and that’s just what happened. The mentors in the group had seen my struggles from before and decided to have me organize the MLK Day service project in hopes that I would gain an understanding of the work that goes into planning an event of such magnitude.
       The MLK project was something that took much time to organize over the course of a couple of months. While I was planning for the MLK day, I spent plenty of time on the phone and face to face with Chris Walls, chief director of the Science Center. This was all necessary in order to get a clear picture of what was needed to be accomplished. The items on Chris’ list that needed to be accomplished were four things: Paint ceiling tiles, paint the hallway and bathrooms, create a Rokenbok display, and extend a wall in their birthday area so that more space could be utilized. The groups were led by Andrew Paxton (Rokenbok), Olivia Taitt (Ceiling tiles), Nate Lightle (Painting bathrooms), and Ryan Nick (Wall Construction). Without these group leaders, dividing up the work at hand would have been next to impossible.
       During the day of the project, I could feel just how anxious I was getting. Though, thanks to my team and the help of some drywalling done earlier on by Chris and his helpful team, I was able to go in with some peace of mind. My team acted just as I was hoping for; quick on their feet and ready for anything they had coming their way. None of this could have been done without the help of my fellow teammates, and for that I came to the conclusion that the majority of the credit should go to them. The work and effort that they had put into the service project was truly unbelievable.