Lighting the Way towards Success By– Ryan Nick

     Summer and Fall of 2018, I had the opportunity to intern with a company whose mission is to “Power the Quality of life”. They have approximately 2.4 million customers and if their job is done correctly, hardly anyone will give them a second thought. Ameren’s legacy companies, Union Electric and CIPSCO, were founded in 1881 and 1902, respectively. In 1997, these companies combined and started to grow the company we know today as Ameren. They have grown to operate facilities in Electric generation, transmission, and distribution as well as natural gas transmission and distribution. The culture at Ameren is influenced by the company’s long and rich background in the business.
     My experience at Ameren allowed me the opportunity to improve my skills as an engineer, a leader, a team player, and earned me friendships I hope will continue now that the experience has come to an end. Each day at work I saw opportunities to apply at least one of the LDP’s SHARED values: Safety, Honesty, Accountability, Respect, Empathy, and Dedication. Safety at Ameren is not an idea, it’s a culture. Every single day during my employment safety was discussed and made a priority. Honesty is a key characteristic to success in all aspects of life. In this case specifically, the relationship between company and employee is built on an understanding of trust and honesty. If either feel the other is being dishonest they will invest time and effort in themselves and not look out for the team. Accountability was certainly important during my time at Ameren. My supervisor appreciated my willingness to accept my faults and attempts to correct them. Respect is also a value that should be constantly upheld. At Ameren, respect means treating coworkers and customers with the upmost dignity and kindness. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, this is key when dealing with customer-related issues. To be able to understand how they feel is how you will be able to best serve them. Dedication hits close to home for me personally. To me, it means diving into everything you do with every intention of giving it your best even when things are at the worst.

Overall, this experience gave a renewed sense of drive for my degree, I am now more than ever certain I have made the correct decision in career choice as well as reinforced the decision of joining LDP. As a whole, the LDP gave me a solid foundation on which to build. I used the skills I developed within LDP to excel during my internship and would not have learned nor experienced as much without those skills.

Ryan Nick