Leading Workouts

By: Garret Murray

The LDP is a group of unique and diverse people who are aligned by our values. Recently the LDP learned the first practice of the leadership challenge, the concept of modeling the way in leadership. This is exactly the way I have attempted to approach the task of leading workouts. Whenever addressing the group for stretches, instructions, demonstration, encouragement or anything else I strive to create an upbeat and enthusiastic environment. I believe that my example and what I give to these workouts should show our commitment to others, your commitment will be reflected at you.

I am not a morning person nor am I an inherently cheerful person. I have found that part of the point of leading workouts is learning how to find motivation in an unpleasant task. It has really shown me how prepared and determined you must be to succeed at being a leader. As I said the LDP is a diverse set of people, all at different fitness levels and experience. Figuring out how to balance the workouts to accommodate this gap took a few tries. Those who were struggling needed encouraged and those who had no issue needed a challenge. Both ends of the spectrum needed diverse challenges to keep them entertained and avoid the feeling of the same monotonous workout every time. A core concept of the program is to challenge to process and take risks, so every workout I try to incorporate new exercises the group has never done before.

For me this project has been about finding a way to help the team succeed in reaching their workout goals. I know I cannot reach their goals for them, all I can do is give them the tools to do it themselves. By being as prepared as possible, ready to go that extra mile and support them every step of the way.