Leadership in Action – By Dr. DeRuntz

          The LDP is committed to developing servant leaders who will make a difference in this world. For that reason, we have always sought to reach out and develop the RSOs in our university while also building our leadership skills. While much of our formal college education is traditionally learned in the classroom, effective leadership can only be learned from doing. There is no better place to fail safely or achieve success than working with our peers on a technical project team.

          Applying leadership principles in our RSOs also elevates and improves those around us. Sometimes this is in the form of winning a regional or national title, sometimes it is seeing your peers adopt your good dining etiquette. Either way, it is a great time in student’s lives to grow personally and to help lead others to achieve great accomplishments.

          Over the years, I have seen the impact RSO leadership has had on our students in several ways. The first is through the lifelong friendships they build while leading RSOs. Year after year, our students graduate, get married, and inevitably have most of their RSO friends in the wedding.  Another reason is the thorough understanding of the great challenge and rewards of having leadership in an organization. I always tell our students that we may not have the chance to win an NCAA championship title, but we are certainly a contender for a national design completion championship. Finally, I have had the greatest satisfaction in witnessing how learning to be a servant leader has comprehensively improved the lives of our students. They always reach higher and further from the combined efforts of the lessons they learn in LDP and the application within the RSOs.