#LDPhoto Challenge

The Leadership Development program offers many amazing opportunities for its members to bonds with its teammates. To say that the LDP is a team would be an understatement, the LDP is a family where you are driven to succeed, but also raised up when you fail.  

The #LDPhoto Challenge shares all the amazing opportunities LDP has to offer with our friends, families, and everyone else through some friendly inter-team competition. Beginning on October 11th, the LDP members were challenged to share the experiences they were having outside of the normal expectations on the social media platforms of Instagram and Facebook. The Challenge will continue until November 18th, when one first place winner will be chosen, based on the amount they have won in each individual week. Three winners are chosen for each week based on the amount of likes they receive on their posts. From this, one final team member will be chosen following the last week of the Challenge, November 18th as the winner of the #LDPhoto Challenge.

The driving reason behind creating the #LDPhoto Challenge was to showcase this “family” aspect that no other RSO on the SIUC campus has to offer. The Challenge offers members a chance to share their amazing LDP experiences with all of their family and friends. Opportunities like working with habitat for humanity, hiking on Saturday mornings, playing intramural basketball, working on your fitness goals together, or simply hanging out; there is always something exciting going on somewhere within the LDP “family”.