LDP Service Weekend -By Gannon Druessel

Some might ask, how can you make a difference in just one weekend? Well, with a dedicated team who all work towards a common goal, greatness can be achieved. This past weekend, the LDP came together to volunteer at the Women’s Center. These projects not only built team cohesiveness while we all had fun, but also gave us an opportunity to give back to the community and help people who needed it the most.

The Women’s Center here in Carbondale is a place for women and children to go that are seeking protection from abusive homes or individuals. The Women’s Center needed a handicap ramp to be built for the back porch, along with a roof over the playset previously built by the LDP. As the leader of this project, I had a lot on my plate. One of the biggest challenges that I had to overcome was that I am one of the few non-engineers in the LDP, so coming up with a design was a difficult task for me. Thanks to the help of Zack and Josh Cox we were able to come up with a design that worked with the materials we had. Thankfully my team had my back, and with their help we were able to give the Women’s Center some great new additions. One thing that I have learned since joining the LDP is how to apply my team effectively and this was the perfect opportunity to use this lesson. Through using my team, I was able to delegate out the work and cherish the memories that my team and I were able to make.

L to R: Diogo S., Breanna W., Jessica H., Zachariah W., Gannon D., Venkat R., Faisal A., and Dr. DeRuntz