LDP Running Clinic – By Olivia Taitt

   This morning, I heard someone say, “You want to know the best oxymoron I’ve ever heard? A fun run. Ain’t nothing fun about a run.”

In the LDP, we have to run as a way to boost our physical stamina and learn good life habits. Is running fun in the moment? Probably not. Is running fun in retrospect? Maybe for some, but most would say it is never any fun at all. Yet there’s always things in life we won’t enjoy doing but the benefits outweigh the consequences.

With this in mind and to try to make running safe and efficient, Dr. DeRuntz invited his old high school track coach, Coach Harry Lang. He joined us bright and early at our Tuesday Morning Workout. Coach Lang’s experience coaching high school and college runners is extensive and he has even coached several national champions. Before he ever even started the run he gave us several life lessons and leadership quotes to live by.  He understood that running isn’t something most enjoy, but he also saw the importance of people willing to put in the effort on things most won’t. He explained that life is filled with activities that most people will never attempt or do because they don’t have the determination or the perseverance. That these characteristics are built like any muscle, exercise and repetition. Having shared these lessons, Coach Lang schooled us on good running technique before putting us through a workout.

For the technique, Coach Lang explained the mechanics behind sprinting, running, and jogging. He taught us how to hold our arms, hands, and chest as well as how your foot is supposed to strike and where it should land under your body. I ran cross country for six years throughout school, and I was extremely interested in form and mechanics after having severe shin splints. By high school, I became a sort-of “lab-rat” for a sports medicine clinic, where I would test new techniques and follow their drills to improve my form. I fell in love with the mechanics of running and became a strong supporter of barefoot running. Everything Coach Lang said resonated with me and I could not agree with him more.

    Thank you to Coach Lang for coming out to work with us!