LDP Member Spotlight – Gannon Druessal

      I went to a small high school just outside of Bloomington, Illinois called Tri-Valley. I participated in baseball and played on our state champion football team. Community is a big part of my town, so I also completed a lot of volunteering and community service. I saw myself grow more and more interested in the human body throughout high school which led me to study Physiology/Pre-Med at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

     Through the research I did here at SIU, I saw that the university had everything I was looking for and more. To start, it had a Physiology program known for its rigor and proficiency at preparing medical school bound students. SIU is also one of the few colleges in the nation that offers undergraduate research which I was greatly interested in. Upon entering school, I got involved in a lot of different activities. I became a member of the Club Rugby team to stay fit and the Saluki Science Ambassadors (SSA) to stay involved in my field of study. A year later, the same person who introduced me to the SSA introduced me to the Leadership Development Program (LDP). This program has made an enormous impact on my daily life and how I strive towards leadership. The LDP guided me to think about what I really want to achieve in life long, and short term, and how to effectively achieve those goals. I feel that since I have joined the LDP I have learned countless valuable life skills. In the future, I plan on completing my Physiology degree at SIU and going to medical school to one day become an orthopedic surgeon.