LDP Card Night – By Zachariah Warhus

          It has often been observed that most of the people who join LDP are the kind of people who know their goals and will pursue them relentlessly. We work hard and have found these characteristics are why the average GPA of the LDP is much higher than the average of our university. In the dedication to excellence that the LDP expects, we all hold memberships in multiple RSOs and professional clubs. This driven attitude is great when trying to achieve goals or meet a deadline, but every now and again life requires relaxation! In a high-functioning environment, it is very easy to get strung out and lose motivation.

          With this in mind, LDP social events were born! Once a month LDP members host a social event, totally optional, that allows the members an opportunity to ‘cut loose’ with fellow teammates for an evening. This not only lets these future leaders relax, but build personal relationships within the team.

          On Saturday the 16th, we brought back the LDP Card Night as it was successful last year at bringing us together and it didn’t disappoint this year either! We all brought card games and got to see different sides to each other! This year it was a mixture of a cookout and hangout as we cooked hot dogs and hamburgers over the fire and the games were played inside. The event was very successful and fun! We shared food, laughs, and team spirit throughout the night as we all released all the tension from the weeks event. After a few hands of cards, we got to know each other personally in a setting outside of our Tuesday morning workouts and Thursday morning meetings. These interactions have helped strengthen the bond between the team, however coming together at the social night was incredible because completely new bonds have been formed as we talked about life, made jokes, and enjoyed each other’s company. With more bonding occurring, it will be incredible to see what the next event holds as well as the rest of the year!