LDP 2015 Tailgate

tailgateThe LDP hosted the annual Tailgate at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The event was a great way for the LDP members to get together and personally connect with the LDP corporate sponsors. The main event was held in front of the SIU Arena, along with many other events. The welcoming speech given by Dr. Bruce DeRuntz, was a great way to kick off the event and thank everyone who helped make the event a success. After the welcoming speech, many of the LDP members started mingling with the corporate sponsors. Although the event was mostly professional, it was also meant to be fun and exciting. After a bit of conversing with the sponsors we were able to meet with each other’s family and friends. It was a great chance for the LDP members to get to know each other personally and strengthen the brotherhood of the team. One of the main goals of the event was allowing the LDP members networking opportunities with corporate sponsors, who could potentially be their future employers.¬†The LDP Tailgate was a great turn out for everyone who attended. The LDP members gained experience with professional networking conversation skills. A big LDP thank you goes out to all the LDP graduates and corporate sponsors who attended the event, and those sponsors include Spartan Light Metals, Nascote Industries, Nucor Building Systems, and Advanced Technology Services. Last but not least, LDP thanks Dick and Brigette Blaudow for hosting this great event and for personally attending the event to share their amazing success story.