Inspirational Speeches

By Team Hercules

Gannon Druessel

Inspirational speeches are so close to me because of the sheer power words can have. The correct words spoken with passion can change someone’s day or even their life. When thinking about these types of speeches, one in particular comes to mind. My high school football coach gave a powerful speech right before we stepped onto the field to compete for a state championship. I am not going to recite the whole speech, but I would like to discuss a few main points that have impacted my life.

He started off talking about how everybody had written us off, how we were the underdogs and how no one expected us to win. This created a spark of motivation within me, for that night and the rest of my life. When people doubt you, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. To do what people never thought was possible gives the most glorious feeling ever.

The second part was centered on how to focus on those who do believe in you. “When you doubt,” he said, “think about the people who believe in you the most: your family, your closest friends and your teammates. Those are the people I want in your minds and your hearts.” Giving your absolutely best effort is more meaningful when you do it for the people who care about you, because you don’t want to let them down.

The last part was the part that hit hardest. He talked about how you aren’t always going to win. At some point, everybody loses a battle. Even if you fight your hardest, you will still lose a battle. What makes one a great leader is that in the midst of that battle he does not lose himself. You get back up and keep smiling, and when you can’t get back up by yourself, your team will be there to pick you up.

These key lessons gave me great insight on how to deal with challenges throughout life. As proof that words can make a huge impact, we won the state championship in football with a score of   41-8.

AJ Ross

When I think of inspirational speeches, I think back to my Fixed Operations Management class where the teacher showed us a video titled Michael Jr: Know Your Why. The video is not inspiring on its own, but I found the message to be so powerful. In the video, Michael asks a man to sing a song that the man knew, and he did pretty well. Then Michael asks the man to sing the same song, but the “hood version.” Michael told the man to pretend that he had a rough life. The man sings the same song, but with such emotion that it was almost unrecognizable. It was absolutely beautiful. Michael then goes on to talk about how the man could obviously sing before, but once he knew why he was singing, he had made art.

This message about the “Why” is what stood out to me. It really made me think about my life goals and why I had them. We have also talked about the “Why” in LDP, and this video is really just a great representation of how knowing why you’re doing something can really motivate your team. After seeing this video, before I do anything else, I think of the reason I am doing it. Not only does this motivate me, but it motivates the people I work with. I recently organized an event though the automotive department. It was a three day event for finding out who had the fastest car at SIU. As you can imagine, this was a massive event and I couldn’t do it alone. So, I put together a team, and I have seen how showing your team why you want to do something can motivate them to do great things. Going beyond that, telling them why they are doing something or why that something is done a certain way, makes them understand what you’re trying to do so much better. Any inspirational speech is just an explanation of the “why.”