Guest Speaker: Mr. Peter Gregory

On January 25, the students of SIUC had the amazing opportunity to listen to Mr. Peter Gregory present on his life and the steps he took to turn his little start-up computer technology company into a world-class organization. Mr. Gregory’s presentation coved almost every possible skill and trait required to help anyone become successful in his or her career. However, there was one trait that Mr. Gregory accredited his success to, and that was his tenacious drive and grit to become the very best. Mr. Gregory was filled with stories about his life, including his greatest accomplishments, but those of his greatest failures were the most important. Mr. Gregory gave countless examples of his failure, with having seven different jobs in only ten years and being fired personally by Steve Jobs to be just a few. Any normal person would have probably given up, but Mr. Gregory took his losses and learned from them. He put all of his time and effort into becoming the best computer programmer in any room he entered. Mr. Gregory shed light on what can be accomplished even when all odds are against you and taught that having tremendous grit and dedication will pay off in the long run.peter