Guest Speaker – Mr. Chuck Kuhn, Vice President, Aisin Electronics


On November 19, Mr. Chuck Kuhn, Vice President at Aisin Electronics, came to SIUC to talk to students about his company and the way they create an environment for such a successful company. During Mr. Kuhn’s presentation, two things became became very apparent: first, in order for a company to be successful you have to be willing to adopt change; and second, the belief in ‘the little guy’ has to be held at all times, in all parts of the company. This means that no matter where the employees fall on the hierarchy of the company, their opinion is just as important as anyone else when it comes to matters of improvement or quality of craftsmanship. Mr. Kuhn gave several examples of how his company has gone above and beyond the standards of the industry, and has provided near perfect products to their customers for many years. He also gave several examples of how workmanship of the final product is totally and completely dependent on the floor workers; how pride is the largest contributor to quality.

Mr. Kuhn gave everyone a new prospective on building a team or community that is both very in tune with the way things are being run, and open to change and new ideas. Quality is something that can always be improved, whether it be product, assembly, manufacturing, or customer interface; any company desiring to be the best must constantly improve.