Food Drive Report

Homecoming Food Drive Summary

This past week the LDP took on the exciting task of hosting the first annual Homecoming RSO Food Drive. Earlier on in this semester, we saw the prevalent need the SIU Food Pantry had for donations. However, it was not just the call for donations that inspired us to create this Food Drive; it was the potential for SIU organizations to unify in order to support our fellow Salukis. Once we shared the impact this Food Drive could have, other SIU organizations quickly hopped on board. After a lot of hard work, dedication, and collaboration we ended up having over 25 organizations come together and raise $2137.75 worth of monetary and item donations. It was heartwarming to be able to see the SIU Food Pantry filled to the brim with donations from all of the RSO’s. It was truly a privilege to have so many people come together to fulfill this need that we had on campus.