LDP Blood Drive By– Jingsong Dong

Coordinating the blood drive was an exciting experience for me. This was a good opportunity to apply the leadership skills I’ve learned in the LDP and classroom to a project. To get something done, sometimes we need interpersonal skills and professional skills. Most importantly, we need to keep studying the skills to continue learning. Leading the blood drive helped me practice and test my skills. I knew there would be some challenges I’d have to face in planning this event, but when I needed help, I had the privilege to see the passion and dedication of my fellow LDP members. Without all their help, I don’t think I would have learned some of the things I did. The truth is sometimes I am still not good at communicating with others, but I can tell that I am quickly improving since joining the LDP.

As the blood drive coordinator, I quickly realized that some parts still needed to be improved upon. Of those things, I feel as though I didn’t give a clear vision speech to my fellow LDP members. I also had some difficulties with assigning tasks and coordinating with people. The vision and goal I set fell short while explaining it to my LDP team members; I struggled with clear communication and did not deliver my message well. However, I saw the passionate LDP people trying to persuade people to donate. Without the help from my LDP friends, I could not have gotten the blood drive done. They handled my questions and patiently explained to me how I could add details to the current process. Communicating with my team has helped me realize that other’s previous experiences are helpful, because it tells you what to do better. What I learned from coordinating the blood drive was that without teamwork, communication, and passion, goals are often harder to meet. The blood drive was a true learning experience for me, and the road toward higher and perfect is not always easy. With the help of my fellow LDP members and whoever else may join along, anything can be accomplished.