Exemplary Leader Spotlight 

September 2019

Kayla Stuthers

This month, the Exemplary Leader Spotlight highlights Kayla Stuthers for her exceptional leadership in the Microbiology Student Organization (MSO). In her first semester as MSO President, Kayla, with the help of her executive team, increased active membership from 7 to 22 members. With microbiology being one of the smallest majors on campus, increasing membership that significantly is an even more extraordinary feat. Kayla’s vision for MSO is, “to transform the organization from a resume building group to a group that imparts fulfillment.”  

“I want to create an environment in which people can learn and grow, and I want to ensure that MSO has the opportunity to make an impact on our community. The goal is for every member to find something value-adding within the program and build better relationships with each other,” says Kayla. Only four weeks into the semester and Kayla is well on her way to bringing that vision to reality.  

So far MSO has hosted new events such as microbiology study nights and student lead educational programs at the Science Center. In the future, Kayla and the MSO team hope to improve their Science Center volunteering program even more by mentoring new members through the process of program planning. They have also created a “High School Recruitment Chair,” a position held by LDP member Sam Ramirez, to help recruit more students into the microbiology field.  

Leaders like Kayla remind us of the authentic principles guiding servant leadership – that one pursues leadership to enrich the lives of individuals, build better organizations, and ultimately, create global change. Servant leaders are never preoccupied by their title or influence, rather their focus is concentrated on the well-being and growth of people and their communities. Thank-you Kayla for portraying authentic servant leadership and serving as a model of exemplary leadership. Job well done!