Exemplary Leader Spotlight

October 2019

Madison Wilderman

By: Breanna Whitley

The month of October brings about many welcome seasonal changes such as autumn colors and cooler temperatures. Watching the leaves transform in autumn serves as a natural reminder of the transformations we go through as leaders. A leader’s journey begins “green” and immature as they develop and grow through mentorship and guidance. Just as a tree needs a suitable environment to grow, so do aspiring leaders. Eventually, after growing in a nourishing environment, a tree is mature enough to develop fruits and continue its species. The same is true for aspiring leaders! Through guidance, practice, mentorship, and good culture, leaders grow and begin to flourish; all so that they can begin to create more leaders. This month’s exemplary leader is well on her way to developing future leaders.  

The Exemplary Leader Spotlight highlights Madison Wilderman for her leadership on campus and in the Carbondale community. Madison has been a member of SIUC Math Club since transferring to SIU in 2018 and has recently accepted a leadership position as their Special Outreach Chair. With her unique talent of inspiring others and bringing positivity and innovation to any situation, Madison has implemented many new programs in Math Club. Her vision is to create a more engaged and inclusive club, and she is achieving this vision through volunteer events at the Science Center, Math Mondays, and unique recruitment activities. Additionally, Madison has been working with Raymond Smothers to mentor other LDP members such as Devon Cantrell and Daniel Davidson to sustain the important changes they have implemented this year. 

Madison’s leadership reaches beyond the SIU Campus through her involvement and contributions to the community. Through her role as the lead researcher for the first Saluki Analytics Research Team, Madison and her team are working with data to improve funding opportunities for the Southern Illinois Women’s Center. Most recently, Madison accepted a position as an Assistant Scout Leader for Scouts BSA Troop 77G, a brand-new scout troop for girls in the Carterville and Carbondale area. It is hard to imagine a better role model for this troop of young girls than Madison. With her optimism, encouragement, and willingness to accept any challenge, she will serve as an ideal role model to the next generation of future leaders.  

The best leaders create more leaders, and Madison serves as a model example of an aspiring leader. She is always seeking opportunities to influence and inspire others to be their best. The LDP team and those in Madison’s social circles are grateful for her WOO (Win Others Over) and authentic desire to help others. Keep up the good work Madison!