Connor Eigelberger – Reverse STEM Career Fair

LDP’s Infinite Cycle of Impact

Members come and go but the cycle continues, our sponsors continue to provide for us and we continue to produce world class technical leaders.

This past week I had the opportunity to coordinate the LDP’s table at the Reverse STEM Career Fair. It’s almost impossible to speak to the breath of this project, as it opened my eyes to the true effect of the LDP. All our members have different reasons for joining. Similarly, our sponsors likely have personal reasons to invest, but one commonality among sponsors is they want a return on investment. That return being us, the world class technical leaders the LDP produces.  

It was for this reason that I introduced the yellow infinity ribbon of the LDP. This ribbon, although subtle, represents the cycle of continually creating world class leaders. As put by New-York Times bestselling author and expert on management and leadership, Tom Peters, “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” Here at the LDP, we are the living breathing embodiment of this. Our sponsors, our champions, our mentors, and our advisors are the leaders. We as the students and mentees are the leaders in training. It is only collectively that together we make this program successful.

At the Reverse STEM Career Fair and the following day at the career fair I realized this more than ever. We represented the LDP to the fullest as we pursued additional sponsors and better relationships with our current ones. Our alumni never fail to speak highly of us as current members, and these connections made the events nothing short of exceptional. It’s through events like this that we showcase what the LDP is producing, and why we will always value the continued success of our members and alums alike.