Coming into SIUC with a Team – By Madeleine Meyer

            The Leadership Development Program’s sense of teamwork is beyond anything I could have imagined. Each member and mentor works to achieve LDP‘s visions big or small, but all equally in excellence. Through all of the activities so far this year, the team has worked together to achieve the task at hand whether it was personal or team oriented.

RSO Fair Table run by Diogo Seixas, Jim Gross, Madeleine Meyer, Scott Costello from left to right

            During Team Weak, we had the opportunity to connect with almost all of our team members on what was called a Values Hike. As we hiked we talked about our personal values and what made them important to us. Being able to hear about the foundation pieces of the LDP members’ true selves really taught me about the importance of knowing and being true to my own values. Throughout the week, we were challenged to execute tasks that we weren’t familiar with like rebuilding engines or using power tools. The team was willing and excited to learn new skills and help complete all of the projects on our to-do list. I am looking forward to the challenges we will overcome together as the year progresses.

Transferring into Southern Illinois University as a member of the LDP made my transition smooth and painless. Many of the team members offered to help me find my classes, work the SIU websites, and answer my countless questions about student life in general. Without the support of my new LDP family, I would not be pushing past my limits or learning the importance of our SHARED values. Starting this new chapter at SIU with the Leadership Development Program has taught me to look at the purpose of everything I do and how to replace “I can’t” with “how can I?”.

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