Our Team-Bonding Experiences

By: Madeleine Meyer

“The LDP gave us the opportunity to compete at the Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC) and grow as leaders and team members. However, we did not just compete, but we grew stronger as a team. We came up with innovative ways to complete challenges and worked towards a common goal. On the ride there, the Brown Dawgs Team used karaoke songs to memorize the CLC terms we would need. Big thanks to Shania Twain! Throughout the competition, we kept our spirits and energy high as our two teams entered as one big family each time. When a team can work through obstacles and know when to use their strengths and rely on one another, success is achievable. This year’s CLC was a success for LDP, in point value and personal value.”

By: Nelson Fernandes

“I believe there are two parts to life: mind and body. When competing, one will not only need to be able to find solutions to problems but be able to communicate and work with others to achieve a common goal. Trust is crucial to working with others. Our CLC teams were able to be successful not just because we were intelligent and knew how to solve the problems, but because we had bonded with and trusted one another. Spending time outside of practice and interacting outside the organization allowed us to develop a sense of community within the team. I can safely say that my team’s ability to recognize my non-verbal cues during a silent activity can be attributed to the trust we built. I can firmly say that our team was able to achieve as much as we did is solely because of the trust we had in one another to make the best choices.”

By: Olivia Hood

“As the year comes to a close and I reflect on all my LDP memories, the Collegiate Leadership Competition was one of my favorite experiences as a team. We made the long road trip to Oxford, Ohio, playing car karaoke, “guess that song”, and had an Amish style family buffet. Although I am extremely proud of how well the team performed, it is the fun moments bonding with one another that I will remember forever. Sonic milkshakes, singing along to Shania Twain, and the countless laughs are what makes us not only a great team, but great friends. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have competed against incredible schools across the nation and for the memories that will last a lifetime.”

By: Zach Boehl

“I have always loved being part of a team. It does not matter what sport or activity because I excel when working with others. However, every team that I have been with, needed to bond before truly becoming a team. As an example, last semester, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the LDPlayaz volleyball team. I had just joined the LDP, so I did not quite know everyone yet. The entire team seemed to be nice and inviting, but we had never worked together. As a result, we lost our first few games. After those games, we decided to go out for ice cream and spent time together. We ended up staying at the restaurant for over an hour, having fun with one another. Our team started to click and improved at an impressive rate as we started to win. We may not have won the championship, but the bonding off the court gave us the best results we could have achieved.”