CLC Announcement By Robert Lozar- McDonald

     The Collegiate Leadership Competition is a new event for the LDP this year, and as such we don’t really know what to expect. Initially the CLC caused mixed emotions because it was another commitment; however, the lessons filled in an important gap in what we learn in LDP. The CLC is different than the usual lessons taught in LDP. It gives us a clear strategy to problem solve and work through tasks.

—–As the semester rolled on, we gave the practices 100%, listened to the lectures, and did the activities associated with them. It was not at all boring; the activities were challenging and made us think. In my opinion however, the activities were not easily associated with real life challenges and group dynamics.

—–The group dynamic began to change when the final selection for the CLC team was made. Rather than having the whole LDP go to meetings, we were now a group of six. Once everyone attending knew they were going to CLC, we started to bond and develop the norms and rules of our individual group that would transform us from individuals into a championship team. A pattern has emerged among our Wednesday morning activities: we are getting faster, refining our techniques, and following the process more closely. Ego and dissent are slowly being minimized. I am very excited to see how well we perform.

—–As exhilarating as it is to experience the forming of a truly effective team, there is some cause for caution. We have never been to this particular competition, and speaking from experience from the Robotics team, the easiest way to win is to have gone to the competition the year before and know what the judges tend to look for and what the easy points are. Since we are not armed with this knowledge before we get there, our goal is to give it all we have. With the competition being this weekend I could not be happier with the work my teammates have put in. I am thrilled to get to share this experience with them.