Christmas Party By James Gross

The LDP Christmas Party is a time to reflect upon and celebrate the year’s accomplishments within our organization. As members of this RSO we pledge to challenge our colleagues to push beyond their limits, and every one of our members has done just that this semester. I was lucky to have the opportunity to organize the party this year, and I was happy to have a chance to reward my teammates for their hard work. The party plans included 17th Street BBQ for dinner, cake for dessert, white elephant gift game, an ugly Christmas sweater contest, and a surprise visit from “Santa” D.

Thanks to the efforts of every member of the LDP, the party went without a hitch, and the results were better than I could’ve imagined. The first thing that you could see when you walked in was an LDP themed Christmas cake and the White Elephant gifts elegantly wrapped sitting on the adjacent table. The tables were accented with red and white table cloths with wonderful centerpieces, and each guest had a candy cane and hot coco mix as their own little stocking stuffers. There was a projector playing a slide show of some highlights this semester, and Christmas music playing in the background with the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air.

It was great to celebrate this semester’s accomplishments while everyone was filled with Christmas cheer throughout the evening. The night was filled with laughter and fun as we ate to our hearts content. After eating we enjoyed the ever anticipated White Elephant gift exchange. The white elephant gift game was lots of fun, and everyone left with something new. Shortly after the White Elephant, there was a surprise appearance from “Santa” D who had something in his bag for every member of our team, even the naughty ones. When “Santa” left, our team got competitive and played the box gift game. It required players to attempt to open gift wrap with thick leather welding gloves as other players roll dice to try to get the magic number to take the gloves and try to win the gift. As the game got rolling it got intense! All together it was a wonderful night, and it was great to have another chance to have fun with my team.

P.S: Congrats to this year’s ugly sweater contest winners! 1st Place = Breanna Whitley, 2nd Place = Venkat Ramana Vootukuri, 3rd Place = Joe Loftus

L to R: Jessica Higginbothem, Olivia Taitt, “Santa” D, Breanna Whitley, Madeleine Meyer