The Greatest Team Leader in Sports

  The most successful active team captain in professional sports anywhere on Earth is Sue Bird, a 37-year-old point guard for the WNBA’s Seattle Storm.To understand why, it helps to study her nose. Or more specifically, why it keeps getting broken. On Sunday, during Game 4 of the WNBA’s Western Conference Finals, Ms. Bird left the court in the second half with a bloody towel pressed to her face. That’s not entirely surprising-basketball is a contact sport. What made this particular nasal fracture noteworthy was that it wasn’t the first or second of her career. It was the fifth.

Robotics at UIUC By Licoln Kinley

—–SIU Robotics looks forward to one particular event every year: the Midwestern Robotics Design Competition. The event is a task oriented, single elimination robotics competition held by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in early March. This year, SIU Robotics upped their game and also attended Robobrawl, a 30-pound weight limit battlebots competition also held at the same time and place as the Midwestern Robotics Design Competition.
     SIU Robotics was the grand champion and runner up of the 2017 Midwestern Robotics Design Competition, so we went to this competition knowing all eyes were on us. Our two teams competing this year put countless hours into designing and building their robot. Both teams suffered major setbacks during their build. One team accidentally fried all of their electronics a week before competition and severely damaged one of their motors two days before competition. The other team spent hours designing a robust ball collection system, which would have been capable of scoring the maximum amount of points possible, only to find that the robot was too heavy to climb up the ramp. Despite these setbacks, both of the Midwestern teams persisted through these challenges. We saw many teams simply give up after they found their robots couldn’t compete, but not SIU Robotics. Our persistence carried us into the finals of the competition. While we only placed fourth overall, we learned many lessons.

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The Ranger Challenge By– Chiderah Ogbozor

This semester, I am participating in the U.S. Army Ranger Challenge through the ROTC program. It is an event held every semester that challenges the mind and body. This semester, it will be in Kansas. The Ranger Challenge that we do in the fall is slightly different than the one we are currently preparing for this spring. In the fall, teams of students compete together and represent the school by completing the tasks as a group. In the spring, however, we are still representing the school, but we are completing the Ranger Challenge with only one partner.

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The Best and most Difficult part about being in the LDP By– Scott Costello

     Being in the LDP has truly been a life changing experience. There have been good times, and difficult times. Yet at the end of the day whatever needs to be done was finished. When I think of the best and most difficult part of being in the LDP, I think of camaraderie, reward, and things that we learn. While for me, and some others, the most difficult part would be the time.
     My fellow members and I do a myriad of things: school, work, other RSO’s, etc. Some of my fellow members have 19+ credit hours this semester, others are Presidents, Senators, athletes, employees and co-workers. It takes a lot of work, and sometimes juggling, but we all make it work one way or another. LDP members may have a lot on their plate, but with dedication and teamwork, we manage to clean those plates beyond imagination.

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Rokenbok By– Andrew Paxton

      During the Martin Luther King Day project, I had the opportunity to work with a great team of both LDP members and another student to build a display, known as the Rokenbok case. This project used a series of interlocking cubes, Rokenbok, to construct a display for children visiting the Science Center to enjoy. The materials used were donated to the Science Center by a patron, who had saved them from being thrown out of a larger project that had no use for them anymore. Therefore, we were tasked with taking trash and turning it into treasure. Being new to these toys, I was unsure of how the project would go, but my team ended up having an exhausting, yet rewarding day.
       Starting at 6:00 A.M., my team quickly realized our task would be much more difficult than expected; for the case that would hold the display was larger than we had thought and the parts we had were fragile and limited in number. Continue reading “Rokenbok By– Andrew Paxton”

Building a Winning Team – ATMAE Competition -By Lincoln Kinley

In the LDP we spend a large part of our time putting what we learn into action within our RSOs. However, one of the goals of the LDP is to put what we learn into practice within our RSOs. The SIU ATMAE Robotics team recently attended the Association of Technology Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) National Robotics Competition and we returned with a first-place trophy. Our design team consisted of five members: Paul Schumacher ( Project Manager), Nate Johnson (Engineering Manager), Nick Sjoberg (Hardware Manager), Ryan Guss (Engineering Lead), and myself (Software Manager)

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The Molding of a Leader – By Chiderah Ozbogah

The workout program that I
 plan every Tuesday morning is a way that I can assist in promoting a healthier and enriched lifestyle for many individuals. It is designed to be challenging to some extent. I think it is important to have challenges schemed in a team workout, not only to build character, but to also continuously improve. In any scenario where you are part of a team who has goals to attain; great accomplishments will almost always face controversy. What differentiates great teams from the others is that great teams always find ways to overcome conflict. Henry Kissenger stated that “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure”.

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Coming into SIUC with a Team – By Madeleine Meyer

            The Leadership Development Program’s sense of teamwork is beyond anything I could have imagined. Each member and mentor works to achieve LDP‘s visions big or small, but all equally in excellence. Through all of the activities so far this year, the team has worked together to achieve the task at hand whether it was personal or team oriented.

RSO Fair Table run by Diogo Seixas, Jim Gross, Madeleine Meyer, Scott Costello from left to right

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Teamwork – By Nathaniel Lightle

          One of the biggest lessons people take away from the LDP is the importance of teamwork.  A lot of us have been on teams for a long time, whether from sports, volunteering, or other organizations.  However, none of these instances teaches teamwork in the aspect that the LDP does, as it will be in the real world.  In the LDP it is up to us to utilize our team; Dr. DeRuntz has told us countless times not be afraid to ask each other for help and look out for one another.