Food Drive Report

Homecoming Food Drive Summary

This past week the LDP took on the exciting task of hosting the first annual Homecoming RSO Food Drive. Earlier on in this semester, we saw the prevalent need the SIU Food Pantry had for donations. However, it was not just the call for donations that inspired us to create this Food Drive; it was the potential for SIU organizations to unify in order to support our fellow Salukis. Once we shared the impact this Food Drive could have, other SIU organizations quickly hopped on board. After a lot of hard work, dedication, and collaboration we ended up having over 25 organizations come together and raise $2137.75 worth of monetary and item donations. It was heartwarming to be able to see the SIU Food Pantry filled to the brim with donations from all of the RSO’s. It was truly a privilege to have so many people come together to fulfill this need that we had on campus.

Connor Eigelberger – Reverse STEM Career Fair

LDP’s Infinite Cycle of Impact

Members come and go but the cycle continues, our sponsors continue to provide for us and we continue to produce world class technical leaders.

This past week I had the opportunity to coordinate the LDP’s table at the Reverse STEM Career Fair. It’s almost impossible to speak to the breath of this project, as it opened my eyes to the true effect of the LDP. All our members have different reasons for joining. Similarly, our sponsors likely have personal reasons to invest, but one commonality among sponsors is they want a return on investment. That return being us, the world class technical leaders the LDP produces.   Continue reading “Connor Eigelberger – Reverse STEM Career Fair”

Carbondale New School Feedback By– Robert Lozar-McDonald

     One of the practices the LDP teaches is writing thank you notes to anybody who lent a helping hand or provided our group with an opportunity. Whether it is a guest lecturer, a company gracious enough to give us a plant tour, or even a stakeholder in a member project, we always finish the event with a thank you to show our appreciation.
     So, it was with great surprise that the LDP received a stack of thank you notes from the kids at the Carbondale New School showing their appreciation for the cleanup project we had recently completed. The notes were all so thoughtful, with comments on what a large difference they saw, how much cleaner it was, and how less scary the closet appeared. What was remarkable about this was that not only did they notice our effort, but they demonstrated one of the practices of exemplary leaders and a strong LDP value.

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LDP in Science – By Duane Leikteig

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” – Robert Frost

     Science, as a method of acquiring knowledge, not only enables advances that shape the course of human history, but molds the identity of individuals who join its pursuits. With logic, through curiosity, we pursue questions to understand the marvels of nature leading to evidence-based explanations and predictions. As we work to make sense of the unknown, we experience the difficulties of making decisions in high-stress environments, under the constant specter of uncertainty. Through our training, we become problem-solvers, innovators, technical experts, and skeptical pursuers of knowledge. However, the path to receive expertise in science, at any level, does not in itself confer us the training of a global technical leader.

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National Science Foundation Grant

           Development of technical leaders for the 21st century has become a critical need for the United States to maintain its global leadership in a technology-based economy. The highly successful LDP under the direction of Dr. Bruce DeRuntz in the College of Engineering (COE) at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU) has demonstrated the ability to build a professional STEM workforce for tomorrow to help meet this need. For the past nine years, the COE LDP has shown success with a 95% pre-graduation placement record, significant increases in timely graduation and increased corporate sponsorship for this program and its graduates.

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