Career Fair – By Nathaniel Lightle

          The Career Fair is one of the busiest times of the semester for college students. With half of us having to figure out what a resume is and how to properly wear a suit, many students feel unprepared and stressed out by the whole experience. Thankfully, through the lessons at the LDP, my friends and I are ahead of the game.  The LDP taught us weeks ago how to properly format a resume and how to approach someone in a Career Fair environment where you want to stand out amongst hundreds of other students for a position you want.  It can be an intense experience for college students, but the LDP has alleviated a large quantity of the worry and unfamiliarity we experience at these types of events.

          Last year I had just joined LDP and Baja so I felt underqualified to do actualengineering work. I noticed a considerable difference in my experience at the Career Fair this year. Specifically, the LDP has gone to extensive measures to ensure that we all have well edited and formatted resumes since this is a large portion of getting your foot in the door. In less than sixty seconds, the recruiters get to decide if you are worth their time.

          This year, I am also putting into practice the lessons from the LDP, I am the President of Baja, and have 10 weeks of US Marine leadership training that I received over the summer. I feel confident in my skills, and LDP was a large driving force in that.  Thanks to LDP I went for the position of President in Baja and gained a ton of knowledge last year through the values and events; providing me with more opportunities to interact with companies.

          At the Career Fair, I was able to interview with a large group of potential companies and answer their questions with answers that showcased these skills and achievements. I could almost always tie my answers back to lessons that I had learned in the LDP which provided a backing for the experiences that I have had. If you can give an answer to a question that pertains to a group you are a part of instead of just an isolated incident I believe the answers carry more weight. Throughout the whole event I was more confident and comfortable speaking to all these recruiters due to my time in the LDP and I had a successful Career Fair.