American Red Cross By Venkat Ramana Reddy

After the Homecoming blood drive for on October 5th, I went to the student center and spoke to Jennifer Freeze from the American Red Cross. She said, all the three centers where they were conducting the blood drive (Student Center, Lenz Hall and Grinnell Hall) were filled with donors. I felt really happy hearing this from Jennifer because the blood which was collected on that day will save a lot of people who are fighting for their lives. I waited almost a month to find out that the Red Cross had collected 180 pints of blood, which is an awesome news and I was really happy.

Along with the Blood Drive, RSO’s were also competing in seeing which one could help collect the most amount of blood. The LDP came in second this year. Our team was focused on spreading the word to the public so we made sure to go out and get as many sign-ups as we could.

I want to thank the American Red Cross for giving us the opportunity to save lives and also for recognizing our work by treating us to a pizza lunch along with the plaque; it was a proud moment for me and my team. We are looking forward to working with the Red Cross again in the spring (Feb 13th).

I want to thank my team for the time they spent on helping me, I want to thank Zack for sharing his experience with the blood drive project. I want to thank Maddie for helping me in the initial days of planning, it truly helped everything start to come together. Thanks to my mentor team (Nate and Jessica) for helping me in correcting and critiquing my thoughts, with their help it was easy to stay on track, and not veer too far off. Finally, I would like to give thanks to Dr. Bruce DeRuntz for coming up with the best idea to attract public donors.

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