Aisin Tour


On the 12th of November, the LDP took a tour of Aisin Manufacturing, in Marion, IL. Aisin is an international company which produces various automobile parts, such as sunroofs and sliding doors. We were led around the manufacturing floor by our tour guide, David Albright, who told us about the different processes and innovations that Aisin uses to lead the industry.

He also described how well the company treated its employees, talking about all the bonuses one could earn for working hard and contributing ideas along with how this plant had never laid off an employee in the last ten years. Aisin is originally a Japanese corporation, and David explained the work ethic of the Japanese employees which positively contributes to the spirit of the North American plants. It was an exciting tour for the whole group, and we would like to thank Cheri Romonosky and David Albright for giving us this opportunity.