Aisin Tour By– James Gross

    This spring, LDP is planning to take a tour of the Aisin Group manufacturing plant in Marion, Illinois. We are excited to see their state-of-the-art facility and the ways in which they are innovating to become one of the leading manufacturers in the transportation industry. Like many companies, Aisin is looking for the next generation of technical leaders who can help guide their manufacturing plants to become the best they can. Touring facilities is important to our students because they will be able to experience a potential workplace before being thrown into the industry. I personally love touring manufacturing plants; seeing the many parts of the manufacturing process all needing to be orchestrated in perfect harmony gets me excited to start a new challenge and my career.
     Aisin Group’s message, “One Team, Best Future,” is a message that shows their company is working to become a strong team. As members of the LDP, we know that through teamwork we can accomplish tasks that no one person can do on their own. Aisin manufactures a wide range of products including sunroofs, door handles, liftgate mechanisms, electronic controllers, and garnish moldings for a wide variety of vehicles. It takes a large team of experienced employees to make such a wide range of products with high quality standards. I hope that through opening their doors to our program we can provide them with competent leaders who can ensure their teams perform beyond expectation throughout their company.
Aisin Manufacturing Facility