A Weekend of Dreams and Connections By– Diogo Seixas

       For the first time we decided to have a “Team Weekend” before spring classes. The idea was to give the students an amazing way to kick off the semester, full of energy and motivation. But the experience was more than that, it was a weekend full of connections, purpose and dreams.
       It was a time to reflect on all the past members who put effort to making the program what it is; reflect upon the effort we should put forth to make the program even better. Think about the amazing opportunity we have inside the program to not just develop leaders, but be part of something bigger: someone’s life. Each decision you make today is going to impact someone’s life, and that is priceless.
       Team Weekend was also a moment to reflect about our dreams. This term, many times forgotten because we “have” to grow up, it’s very important for anyone’s life: whether you’re a kid, college student, or adult. Just by thinking about it, you can have a better sense of direction, autonomy, progress and fulfilment, which can help you to live a happier life.
        But everything was only possible because we have an extremely talented and engaging team. Connections that go beyond sharing the same room every week. What we have are moments of strength, joy, struggle, happiness, reflection, glory. All of these show the impact and hard work that make us feel as only one.
That’s LDP.
Diogo Seixas motivating us to move beyond our fears